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How much do you spend on makeup removing products? How many disposable makeup removing wipes do you use daily? It's time for a change! The Wash the Day Away Makeup Removing Towels are perfect for taking off your makeup without any harsh chemicals or expensive wipes! Simply run it underwater, ring it out and wipe your face. And YES, these towels can be thrown in the washer and dryer after use and can be reused hundreds of times. These Wash the Day Away Towels are made with a soft, fuzzy fabric that is gentle on your skin and requires nothing except water!   



  • Magically wipes off makeup
  • No chemicals or other products needed
  • Super soft and gentle on skin
  • Each towel has a hanging loop
  • Machine washable
  • 100% polyester material
  • Apx. 15" x 6.5" (40cm x 17cm)
  • Stop buying expensive, disposable makeup removing wipes!


Check out just a few of our reviews!

"The price for ONE of these towels is equal to paying for one container of makeup wipes. I've stopped wasting SO MUCH money by buying these! Plus I love I'm not disposing of wipes every night!" 

"My daughter loves to play with make-up, but hates to have it scrubbed off. This soft cloth makes it painless for her. Highly recommend."

"Removes my eye make-up in one swipe. Very soft."

"This makeup remover towel does a great job and feels so soft on my face. Love having this designated towel for my makeup removal!"

"This is magic! Just wet it and ALL your makeup comes right off. I want a couple of them now!"

"I thought I would try this out and I was surprisingly pleased. This really works, it took all of my makeup off."

"Best thing ever I just ordered 4 more❤️❤️❤️"

"This is a great wash cloth to remove makeup in no time! It’s a must for anyone who wears makeup!"

"I used this twice & I was like no way is this coming clean. Popped it in the washer and looked brand new. I love this and saves me so much on makeup wipes!"

"These are wonderful! They are so soft and remove makeup better than any other product I have used."

"Fast delivery and quality product - I love that it’s replaced face wipes!!!"

"LOVE this! Removed all makeup, even mascara without having to use any chemicals on my face!"

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Elizabeth Guss
The facial massage I didn't think I needed!

I rarely use makeup so I wasn't sure how this towel would benefit me until... I actually felt it on my face with my cleanser! It feels so soft and so yummy on my face. Easy to hang and dry. No muss. No fuss. It's like having a massage and a facial spa at its best. Thank you!!

Cloud-like Softness!

This is the holy grail of makeup removing towels! I have very sensitive skin, so sometimes I need to skip the cleansers and this is the perfect alternative. I can't even describe how soft the material is! I was also surprised at how quickly is dried, despite being such a fluffy material. I'm also an occasional lash wearer, so this is a great way to wash your face without getting your lashes wet. Highly recommend!

jovanna gulick
Love love the convinience

I love this makeup removing towel! The hook is nice, bc it can air dry without becoming stinky, very clever. The towel is especially convenient for me bc of my eyelash extensions. I can wash around my eyes thoroughly without being too harsh on my lashes. Thank you, Thank you!

Super soft!

A friend gave it to me as a gift, and I love it! The fabric is very soft and gentle on the skin. I also love that it is reusable, so it's gentle on the planet too.

Wow! No cleanser needed!

This towel is so soft and removes all my makeup with no cleanser needed. I just throw it in the wash and boom, clean as new.

I would highly recommend this product.